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Water & Environmental

Environmental recruitment that works

Water & Environmental
From flood defences to wastewater management, the water and environment sector is booming under continued and much-needed investment. At Nolan Recruitment, we help companies and government agencies to close skill gaps and recruit the high calibre workers they need.

Through our tried and tested recruitment process, we take the stress out of finding the right staff. From single workers to entire project teams, we can meet and exceed your expectations of what a recruitment agency can do.


years of combined experience in the engineering sector.

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we fill our roles 3 X quicker than the industry average


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Passion For Environmental Recruitment

This highly technical field requires in-depth industry knowledge for any meaningful recruitment conversations can take place. We have the knowledge and experience to go beyond the industry buzzwords to help bring value and insight to your recruitment process. In short, we know exactly what it takes to find the right candidate for the water and environmental industry.

When it comes to environmental recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing is an increasingly popular choice. Hiring environmental recruitment consultants can help streamline the recruitment process and add a layer of expertise and experience.
Environmental recruitment consultants are able to identify those who can add value to projects through their understanding of the industry or sector, meaning the process is likely quicker and more efficient than if done in-house. This can help organisations achieve better results in terms of time and quality, making recruitment process outsourcing an attractive option for many.

If you need assistance in your water engineering and environmental services recruitment, let Nolan Recruitment guide you. We specialise in permanent, contract and interim workers operating in highly skilled fields. With over 20 years of combined experience in technical recruitment, we can bring added value to the process. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your organisation with its staffing needs.

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We let our results do the talking. Our reviews have been built from a passion about being the best. Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews here.
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We are out and out engineering and energy recruiters. We don’t have other divisions recruiting IT, Finance or any other area. We live and breathe engineering. Think inch wide, mile deep.
We care
We are independently owned by our Managing Director Sean Neary who is obsessed with providing a class leading services.
We fill our roles 3 X faster than the industry average
Not because we rush but due to our understanding of what our clients are looking for. It’s simple if we don’t
We do not outsource any of our resourcing
This means everything is done in-house by our engineering expert Consultants. Ultimate control over client and candidate experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.
What are the external environmental factors affecting recruitment
Recruiting the right personnel is essential to running any organisation or business. However, recruitment is a process that external environmental factors can heavily influence. Such external influences can range from economic conditions and government policies to wider social trends and technological advances.

All of these can affect the availability of qualified personnel and introduce new challenges, such as the need for remote working capabilities and an understanding of workplace diversity. While these external environmental factors may complicate recruitment decisions, proactive organisations can anticipate these shifts and implement strategies to ensure the process remains streamlined and effective.
How to get a job in the environmental sector
If you're looking to start working in the environmental sector, you'll need to find out what kind of job opportunities are available and which ones are a good fit for you. Your first step is to research career options, salary ranges, and job qualifications.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it's important that you tailor your resume specifically for jobs in the environmental sector, as well as update your portfolio and LinkedIn profile. If possible, reach out to contacts who can put a good word in with potential employers.

Finally, it's essential that you show up prepared for interviews and demonstrate your knowledge of industry trends and other key information so that you impress potential employers. Getting a job in the environmental sector requires both hard work and dedication - if done right, it can be extremely rewarding!
Are environmental jobs in demand
Environmental jobs have become increasingly in demand over the past few years due to growing concerns about the environment. From renewable energy sources, to habitat and species conservation costs, to water quality assessment, there is an ever-growing need for environmental experts who can help resolve these issues as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Many opportunities also exist in research and policy-making that require a good knowledge of not just the scientific aspects of solving environmental issues but also the legal and governmental implications. Environmental experts are already helping shape decisions and policies in governments all around the world, meaning the future for an environmentally conscious career is looking incredibly bright.
What are Built Environment Jobs
Built environment jobs are roles within the built environment which typically involve transforming existing environments from one state to another. This includes inventing, designing, planning, constructing and maintaining infrastructures such as housing developments, roads, railways, bridges and even airports.

These jobs form a vital part of our society in creating and maintaining an accessible and sustainable built environment that meets the needs of individuals and organisations alike. Ultimately these roles are incredibly varied with no two job descriptions ever the same; providing a diverse range of opportunities to develop your skills both professionally and personally.
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We Are Trusted For A Reason

  • "Nolan Recruitment were efficient and the quality of candidates was exceptional. Something others have struggled with in the current climate. I would not hesitate to use Nolan Recruitment again in the future.
    James Simms
    "We received relevant CV's, communication was excellent (but not pushy) and we managed to find the right fit for our role. The role was an extremely difficult one to fill and we were really pleased with our success with Nolan Recruitment.
    Jane Kurosawa
    "Quality over quantity! Listened to our very particular and niche set of requirements and was able to shortlist a selective candidate list which fit the brief! As a result we were able to fill a difficult position quickly and feel we have gained an employee who is an excellent fit with our company ethos.
    Steven Hall

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