Recruitment Scam Awareness

May 3, 2023

We have been aware of a number scams since September 2022 where scammers are impersonating recruitment agencies. The scammers reach out pretending that they work for Nolan Recruitment and that they have a job opportunity for the person they are messaging. They also state that they have got the persons details from the Nolan company database. This is completely false and we take data protection extremely seriously. Action Fraud are aware of this however unfortunately there is nothing we can do apart from raise awareness of the issue at this stage. We have also conducted an interview with the BBC. Here are some of the things to look out for:

  1. Whatsapp

They send a Whatsapp message with a vague message about a job. They never usually mention the job title or any info relating to that job. Sometimes they will mention pay which is usually in US dollars. Nolan Recruitment NEVER reach out to new candidates via Whatsapp. We would only ever liaise via Whatsapp with candidates and clients we have existing relationships with.

  1. Telegram

Same type of messages as Whatsapp however they use Telegram as the messaging service. Nolan Recruitment NEVER use Telegram to message candidates.

  1. Facebook

They have created fake profiles on Facebook where they post vague details about jobs. Usually, these posts are put out on local Facebook Groups. Nolan Recruitment DO NOT use Facebook to advertise any jobs.

  1. Email/Fake website

They have now created a fake website which is a copy of our website. On the contact section it has so they are using this domain to reach out to candidates to appear genuine. Any legitimate email from Nolan Recruitment will ALWAYS come from the domain

What’s the end game for the scammers?

This we are not fully sure of, however once a candidate confirms interest, they usually try to send them to a website to register their personal details. We are assuming this then leads to asking for financial details so they can arrange payment (which will never materialise) We have also heard of scams where they get the candidates to pay for certain things like credit checks or VISA applications. THE IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER HERE IS A LEGITIMATE RECRUITMENT AGENCY IN THE UK WILL NEVER CHARGE THE CANDIDATE. Our commercial agreement is with the client and at no point do we charge the candidate for anything. So as a candidate if you are ever asked to pay for something this is a major red flag!

If you are in any doubt about contact you have had please call 01565 748 090 and speak to a member of the team where we can check this for you

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