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Mechatronics Engineering Recruitment

This interdisciplinary branch of engineering combines elements of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering systems. To excel in mechatronics engineering requires an interest in robotics, computer science, telecommunications, systems engineering and product design. It is a fast-paced and engaging industry, ideal for those with a passion for getting to grips with how things work.

As a specialist mechatronics engineering recruitment agency, we help companies to meet their recruitment needs to help drive the industry forward. Working with innovative employers and the brightest engineering minds in the country, we facilitate essential introductions to help fulfil staffing requirements.

Our specialist engineering recruitment team works with candidates and companies in the mechatronics sector. We can assist with recruitment for a single role or an entire team. We also deal with permanent, temporary and contract workers.

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Hire Civil Engineers Q&A

Mechatronics engineers are curious by nature. They might start in any branch of engineering, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and systems engineering. What starts in one branch of engineering then spreads to a curiosity for other branches and how they might fit together. The goal of mechatronics engineering is to make the world a more efficient place. Solving real-world problems is a key part of the mechatronics engineering job profile.
Mechatronics engineering recruitment is unique as it spans multiple sectors and is expanding all the time. This niche role crops up in aerospace, mining, automotive, medical, defence, manufacturing, materials processing and consumer products. Common duties for a mechatronics engineer includes using mechanical and computer technology to solve real-world problems across varied sectors. As a result of the varied workload, there are diverse jobs available for those working in this sector.
Yes, mechatronics engineering is in high demand at the moment as more industries adopt a hybrid approach to engineering roles. As mechatronics involves multiple disciplines, this makes it easier for engineers to enter the sector. Many engineers don’t know that they could be ideally suited to these roles. If you’re working in an engineering role and looking for your next challenge, moving to a mechatronics role could be the ideal next career step. And if you’re looking to fill a mechatronics role, we can help you to find the engineers you need to drive your business forward and reach your objectives.
It all starts with a conversion with our recruitment specialists. We’ll guide you through the process of defining the role and determining the ideal candidate profile. Next, we will advertise the role through our specialist technical recruitment portal and to our networks.

We’ll help you to shortlist candidates, provide pre-screening and aptitude testing, and finally assist with onboarding your chosen candidate. We stay on top of communication with the candidates throughout, ensuring they have a positive experience while going through the recruitment process, even if they are unsuccessful in their application.
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