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We are one of the top UK's specialist civil engineering recruitment agencies, which means we know how to read between the lines of an engineering job description to get to the heart of the requirements. High street agencies might be able to repeat the buzzwords, but without a thorough understanding of the challenges facing civil engineering firms today, they will never match our expertise and capabilities. We have over 20 years of combined experience recruiting for the most technically demanding roles.

We can help with all types of recruitment, including permanent, contract and interim. Whether you are hiring a single member of staff or building an entire team. And we can help you find the brightest entry-level graduates right up to senior engineering project managers. With our extensive network and resources, we’ll help you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

At every step in the process, we will keep you informed of our progress and you will retain complete control. We aim to take the hassle out of hiring highly technical roles. We also make it easier for you to access qualified engineers and get them on site quickly and safely. If you’re ready to explore how we handle recruitment, get in touch with the Nolan Recruitment team today.

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Hire Civil Engineers Q&A

Civil engineers are in high demand across several industries. Some of the biggest recruiters in the civil engineering sector include Arup, Atkins, Vinci, Mott McDonald, Stantec, Balfour Beatty, Bechtel and Skanska.

Civil engineers can also put their skills to work in roles such as structural engineering or environmental engineering. Construction companies will often look for civil engineering skills. Likewise, transport and communications industries benefit from the skills and experience that civil engineers bring to the table.

Many of these companies operate internationally, so there may be opportunities to enhance your skills and work overseas. For example, the demand for civil engineers in places like Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and China has been very high.

Yes, civil engineering is in high demand at the moment. Civil engineers are required in construction, communications and environmental projects. The switch to green fuel sources will also lead to a requirement for more civil engineers. Therefore, many more civil engineering projects will have to be implemented for governments to reach their carbon emissions targets.

Civil engineering is a fast-growing sector that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future. The range of roles available will mean that engineers can shape their careers to their interests. Civil engineers also have the opportunity to work overseas. Engineers are in demand in Australia, New Zealand, China and Saudi Arabia.

Civil engineering can be a lucrative and exciting career path if you are interested in maths, science, and technology subjects. There are lots of branches of engineering to choose from, including civil engineering and environmental engineering. This allows graduates to shape their careers in a way that suits their interests.

Engineers are also highly satisfied with their work. One survey found that 90% of engineers would recommend the career to young people. Another survey found that 87% were satisfied with their job.
Engineers also make good money. The average salary of an engineer is over £40,000, with some earning as much as £80,000 in some roles. Gaining chartered status will also enable engineers to boost their earning potential.

Civil engineers may work for government organisations, not-for-profit organisations, multinational corporations and more. There are many different job openings for civil engineers around the UK and further afield.

Civil engineers may work with architecture firms and construction companies on a consultancy basis. They can also be hired to work on large infrastructure projects such as HS2. Utility companies need civil engineers to design new water treatment facilities and to improve existing facilities.

Transportation companies may also hire civil engineers to plan new roads, airports, seaports and mass transit systems. And finally, private sector waste disposal companies also need civil engineers for planning waste disposal and recycling facilities.

The highest salaries for civil engineers are usually around £80,000. To reach this level, engineers must achieve chartered status and demonstrate considerable skill and experience in their field.

Graduate civil engineers earn around £23,000 per year, rising to around £26,000 per year with a few years of experience. An experienced civil engineer can earn around £30,000 per year. Once an engineer reaches chartered status, they can expect to earn around £50,000, rising to £80,000 for the top-ranking roles.

Civil engineers may work on a consulting or contracting basis. The salary prospects are typically the same, regardless of the career path chosen. Civil engineers working in the oil and gas sector will tend to command higher salaries.

The benefits available will depend on the size of the employer and the type of role. For example, civil engineering can require some unsociable working hours, and this should be matched with time off in lieu. Civil engineers may also receive additional pay for working overtime.

If required to travel for work, civil engineers can expect to have their expenses covered during this time. They might also receive performance-based bonuses, a company car, a life insurance policy and medical care.

If the role requires relocation to another country, civil engineers may enjoy a relocation bonus and help with accommodation costs. In addition, more and more civil engineering firms are recognising the need to be more family-friendly. This could mean offering childcare facilities on-site or offering equal paternity leave to new parents.

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