Renewable Energy: The Clean Facts

September 5, 2023

Issues related to climate change make regular appearances on the news these days, and it's becoming clear that we need to make big steps towards reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. The clear alternative to burning oil, gas and coal for energy is to invest in green energy, also known as renewable energy.

Renewable energy presents some unique challenges, but the benefits could be widespread. We could even say that making the switch to renewable energy could be the only way to mitigate the existential threat presented by climate change. Read on to learn more about renewable energy and how it might be pivotal in changing the world.

What is renewable energy?

Humans need energy to power everything we do. Homes, transport and industry all rely on energy, usually in the form of electricity, gas or fuel. Most of our energy output comes from burning fossil fuels, which need to be extracted from the earth. 

There are finite supplies of these, it can be damaging to the environment to extract them, and using them will also lead to the release of harmful greenhouse gases.

The alternative is renewable energy, which is energy that is generated from the environment. It typically involves taking energy from one source and generating electricity. Examples of renewable energy include things like solar energy from the sun and wind energy.

Renewable energy is better for the environment as we don’t have to continually deplete resources in order to generate more power. We’re never going to run out of things like wind or wave power, we simply need to invest in the equipment needed to harness this energy.

The need for renewable energy

The importance of investing in renewable energy is clear. If we want to make sure that our energy needs are met for the future, then it’s essential that we invest in clean and renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy is also more efficient than traditional fossil fuels, as it can produce more power with less resources. This means lower costs for consumers and therefore increased profits for energy companies.

The potential for renewable energy is also vast. We can generate energy in places that were never possible before, such as offshore wind farms and solar plants. This could revolutionise our economy, making us less reliant on finite resources while at the same time providing clean and sustainable energy sources to power businesses and homes.

Types of renewable energy

There are a number of ways to generate clean energy from the environment. Wind power and solar power are the most commonly used, but there’s also wave and tidal energy generated from the sea, geothermal energy from the earth's heat, biomass from natural organic matter, and hydropower which is extracted from rivers.

One of the benefits of renewable energy is that it can be used in different ways. For example, the electricity generated from solar power can be used to run appliances or charge batteries, while hydropower can be used to generate water for irrigation and domestic use.

Benefits of renewable energy

There are a number of benefits to using renewable energy. Firstly, it’s clean and efficient, so we don’t need to worry about damaging the environment or depleting resources in order to generate more power.

It’s also cost-effective as there is no need for costly extraction operations and the equipment used is typically cheaper than traditional fossil fuel-based equipment. We don’t have to mine deep in the earth or under the sea to harness the power of the sun, for example.

Renewable energy is also highly scalable, meaning it can be easily adjusted to meet demand and supply requirements. Finally, renewable energy can provide an additional source of income for those who own or operate these types of facilities, as they can sell the excess energy generated back to the grid.

Challenges and barriers to renewable energy

Whilst there are many benefits to investing in renewable energy, there are also a few challenges and barriers that need to be addressed.

  • The first is cost, as the technology needed to generate clean energy can still be quite expensive. 
  • Another issue is storage. If we don’t have the means to store the energy generated by renewables then it will go to waste. 
  • Finally, there is the challenge of getting people on board and supporting the shift towards renewable energy, as it will require a massive investment from both government and individuals.

Making the switch to renewable energy

The future of our planet depends on making the switch to cleaner energy sources. Renewable energy can provide us with clean, sustainable power while also reducing our reliance on finite resources.

The challenge now is to make sure that we can overcome the barriers and challenges associated with renewable energy so that it can become a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. With enough investment, we can make sure that clean energy becomes the norm rather than the exception, leading us to a brighter future for generations to come.

You might feel powerless to prevent climate change, but this simply isn't the case. Individual consumers have a lot of power when it comes to telling corporations how they should operate. The simplest way to put your support behind clean energy is to switch your home supplier to a renewable energy supplier. This sends a clear message that there is no space for fossil fuels in our modern world. This is one route forward that would allow us to begin to wind down fossil fuel extraction.


Renewable energy is the key to tackling climate change, and it presents a number of advantages over traditional fossil fuels. However, making the switch will require investment in technology and infrastructure, as well as increased awareness and support from both government and individuals.

If we can make this shift successfully, then renewable energy could be the answer to ensuring that our planet is able to sustain itself for future generations. It could open up new possibilities for generating clean and sustainable energy, while also reducing our reliance on finite resources and helping us protect the environment.

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