How to Recruit the Best Manufacturing and Engineering Candidates

July 16, 2020

Finding talented manufacturing and engineering candidates seems to be getting harder every year. With a limited number of qualified workers available, companies have to work harder to attract and retain the best talent.

If you’re looking to expand your manufacturing or engineering team, read on to discover our top tips for recruiting this type of candidate. As a specialist manufacturing recruitment agency we have extensive experience hiring for these niche and in-demand roles. In our experience, recruiting the best talent requires you to observe the following steps:

Carefully define the role

Candidates might be put off from applying for a role if the job description is vague or not detailed enough. To counteract this, make sure you carefully define the role so that candidates can easily see if they are qualified and if this is a role that interests them. Many companies falsely believe that they can attract more interest with a sparse job description, but this is rarely the case. So don’t be afraid to get specific in your job listing.

Offer an attractive salary and incentive package

Workers are no longer motivated solely by money. An attractive salary helps to bring in the best talent, but companies are increasingly offering additional perks. Manufacturing and engineering roles command attractive salaries, but this isn’t the only way you can sweeten the pot. Companies are increasingly offering things like flexible working, the option to purchase additional annual leave, private healthcare, gym memberships, company equipment or childcare vouchers. Think about the extras you can offer to make your company a more enticing choice.

Conduct a successful technical interview

With engineering and recruitment roles, you need to quickly get a grasp of the candidate’s experience level. This can be achieved with a technical interview. The technical interview will hone in on the skills and competencies required so that you can make an informed decision. Hiring a candidate only to discover they need a lot more training and experience to do the job can set back your plans for growth.

Have an open mind

A recent graduate with the relevant qualifications might not have on-the-job experience yet, but they could be trained if you have the time and resources. If you are struggling to find a candidate with the right level of experience, snapping up a talented and bright graduate could be the next best alternative. This method works well if you have senior members of your team that are willing to take on a leadership or mentorship role. Adopting an open mind when you start the recruitment process might be essential if you want to hire the best talent. This is why looking for the potential in a candidate rather than focussing on immediate results could work to your advantage.

Move quickly

The engineering and manufacturing industries move quickly. If you reschedule a candidate’s interview for a later date or delay making a decision, don’t be surprised if that candidate has been snapped up by another company. Once a candidate has decided they want to make a move, they could be looking at multiple job offers within a week. This is where expediency can give you an advantage. No one should rush the recruitment process, but make sure you are kick-starting the process at a time when you can give it your full attention to reduce delays.

Be prepared for counteroffers

The top candidates are highly sought after, so don’t be surprised if they are given a counteroffer from the current company when you make them an offer. In this situation, you could either increase the salary or offer additional incentives. This might include flexible working, additional holiday time, or an allowance for childcare. Candidates might have their own requests in mind, so be prepared for a conversation and a negotiation.

Work with a specialist recruiter

A specialist recruiter will already have their finger on the pulse. We have a unique understanding of recruiting for specialist and technical roles, so candidates will already be familiar with our name.

Recruiters can also help to streamline the process, allowing you to focus on interviewing candidates and finding the right person for the role. We speak your language and know what skills and competencies are important to employers in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. If you’re ready to start your search, get in touch with Nolan Recruitment today.

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