5 of the Best Online CV Creation Tools

July 13, 2020

Using online CV creation tools is a great way to spruce up your CV in minutes. With professional templates and expert guidance, you can make your CV shine and make sure it rises to the top of the pile.

Using a CV creation tool will also make it quick and easy to customise your CV to each opportunity, and this is one of the best ways to make sure that your CV stands out. Creating a custom CV for every job application might sound like a lot of work, but if it makes your application more effective, it is worth the effort. You might customise your entire CV to every role, or you might only focus on writing a unique summary for each role.

In this guide, we will outline 5 of the best online CV creation tools available. If you’re struggling to get started writing your CV, these tools will help. And if you need further support finessing your CV, the team at Nolan Recruitment are here to support you.


This is a completely online CV builder that allows you to customise everything from the layout and content to the fonts and colours. You can use their incredible range of templates or create your own. Perhaps the best part of this online CV builder is that you can create and edit multiple CVs, so you are easily able to customise your CV to each role. You can send a copy to friends and family to review. And finally, you can also access analytics for your CV, so you’ll know when it is opened and viewed.

Reed CV Builder

Reed is a well-known jobs site, so it makes sense that they would have their own CV builder. The Reed CV Builder works on desktop, tablet or mobile, so you can get started building your CV anywhere. It also allows you to save and return to it later, so there’s no need to get it all finished at once. When you are done creating your CV, you can download it as a PDF which will be ready to send to recruiters and companies.

LiveCareer CV Builder

The LiveCareer CV Builder is incredibly easy to use and offers a range of templates for different industries. This is incredibly useful as it will allow you to highlight the sections of your CV that are most important for the role you are applying for. It also allows you to download your CV as a PDF or a DOC, which may be required for applying for some roles. If you’re struggling to get started, the pre-written examples will help you on your way.


According to CVMaker, using their free online CV tool will make you 65% more likely to get the job. We’re not sure how they calculated this, but we do agree that a professional CV will help you to stand out. This CV creator is simple to use and offers 36 CV templates to choose from. CVMaker allows you to create multiple CVs, so you can customise your CV for every role. When you’re done filling in the content of your CV, you can download it as a PDF. This is a paid service which costs £2.95 for 7 days or £14.95 per month.


MyPerfectCV is similar to the other CV builders, but it also offers industry-specific bullet points to help get you started. The templates are easily customisable for different job roles and styles. Another great feature is the ability to upload your existing CV and reformat it using their templates. If you do choose this option, make sure you proofread it thoroughly to make sure everything is imported correctly. When you’re done, you can download your CV as a PDF and start applying for jobs.

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