Here at Nolan Recruitment we have worked with a vast array of clients since our formation in 2016. This gives us a great insight into the differing recruitment processes that companies have and how this ultimately effects securing the talent you need.

It goes without saying that the quicker you move the candidate through the process the greater the chance you will have of securing that candidate. The market is more competitive than ever in terms of vying for the best engineering talent. As a result, it’s vital you give yourself half a chance.

We see it countless times where we submit CVs, feedback is slow and then interviews are then booked 3 weeks down the line. The client may then decide to bring the candidate back in for a second interview a couple of weeks later. Before you know it, the process has taken well over a month whilst your competitor may complete the same process within a week. Whilst it’s definitely vital to make the right decision, speed is very important.

Nolan Tips

  • Set out your recruitment process from the outset. Don’t wait for the candidates and then take a week to decide how you will assess them. Planning is key!
  • Where possible offer flexibility – The top candidates may have 3 other opportunities they are considering where those competitors may be offering after hours interviews. The candidate may choose those options as they are unable to get a day’s holiday approved.
  • Be decisive! Deliberating over a decision for a protracted period of time may mean that your competitor swoops in.
  • Ensure you have the position approved prior to going out to market. Waiting for approval for 2 weeks when you get to offer stage could throw a major spanner in the works.
  • Remember the assessment process is a 50/50 process. The candidate will be weighing up the company/people just as much as you will be assessing their ability.

If you have any concerns about your process speak to us here at Nolan Recruitment. We don’t charge for this advice! We can help ensure you are in the best position to secure the talent you need to grow your business.