Unemployment in the UK has hit 3.9% which is the lowest since records began in 1975. Even if we look back to 2006, pre-recession we were looking at figures of 5.4%.  So what does that mean for the Engineering Industry?

There is no doubt engineering is a vital part of the UK’s economy. 27% of UK enterprises are engineering related, employing 5.6 million people in the UK. Notably, every additional person employed through engineering activity is projected to create a further 1.74 jobs down the supply chain. There is currently an annual shortfall of 59000 engineering graduates and technicians to fill core engineering roles so the battle for talent is intensifying.

So how are companies trying to attract engineering talent?

In a candidate led market (More jobs than there are Engineers) it’s clear to see that Engineers have the choice when selecting their next employer. According to KPMG and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) the skills shortage is driving salaries higher within the engineering sector.

Many companies that contact Nolan Recruitment try to recruit directly themselves before speaking with us. This is perfectly understandable when costs are being scrutinised more than ever. We hear the common complaint of companies trying to advertise through job boards such as Indeed however they seem to be hit with a high volume of irrelevant applicants. Indeed make their money on a pay per click basis, so it goes without saying that the more clicks your advert gets, the more money they make. Quality doesn’t come into it. When job boards are so competitive they are trying to make it easier for candidates to apply with some offering a one click application process. This contributes to the irrelevant applications which you may be getting. The candidate may have typed in Engineer and location Knutsford so they apply for the first job on there however the location in the body of the advert is Knowsley.

Indeed can be useful for certain roles however relying on this alone isn’t going to give you access to the entire market. If you choose the right recruitment partner then you can save stacks of time not to mention accessing a wider talent pool. Nolan have years of experience writing job adverts to ensure they are optimised (appearing further up the rankings). We also scour our database to ensure we are getting a mix of new talent and also existing talent within our database. Our Consultants are engineering experts so we are interviewing all our candidates against YOUR job criteria. It’s not just about their skills it’s about their attitude and also personal circumstances. The Engineer may look perfect on a CV however they may have a young family so they don’t want to stay away from home in the week etc.  It’s important to find out all this information so when they attend interview there is a high chance they will be the right fit therefore reducing the time you spend interviewing irrelevant candidates.

In such a fiercely competitive market it’s about using as many tools as possible to attract the talent. If you have a member of staff who has the time to pre-screen all the applications then yes you may be able to save money on a recruitment fee however how much is their time worth? If you end up interviewing 8 extra candidates because the quality isn’t there then how much is your time worth? In addition, it’s said that the cost of a bad hire is 3 times that persons salary.

Now the cynical out there will say that we would take this angle as we are an engineering agency promoting our service! You would be right in that sense but we are experts in what we do and proud of the service we offer.

If you can afford to think of the value rather than the cost, then partnering with an engineering specialist to secure the best talent is a no brainer! We are that confident with our service that we offer a 3 month 100% guarantee.