April is looking like a record number of engineering placements for Nolan Recruitment despite the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit.  The Marketing Team caught up with our Director Sean Neary to explore his outlook on the current state of the market.

Everywhere you look at the moment the media is plastered with Brexit related content, so how is this effecting Nolan Recruitment?

We have had our best month ever in terms of placements so you could say it isn’t effecting us. But then again without the uncertainty could it be even better? My answer would be yes. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we will have some clarity on the situation from our government and we can then get on with life post Brexit. I think the whole country is fed-up to the back teeth with Brexit and we are ready to embrace the future, whatever that may hold!

Have you noticed a change in client demand for Engineers?

In all honestly we are finding that demand is stronger than ever for quality Engineers. The challenge comes in attracting the right candidates and ensuring our clients have attractive offerings. It’s so fiercely competitive out there right now that candidates usually have a number of options available to them. It’s up to us to work with our clients to ensure their offering is competitive and more importantly matches the candidates aspirations which usually stems much further than just money.

What is the feedback you are receiving from candidates with regards to their confidence in the job market?

Clearly candidates are still moving however I would say uncertainty is definitely affecting candidate’s confidence in making career moves. Furthermore we are seeing an increase in strong counter offers once a candidate does decide to try and make a move. Obviously this is to be expected in such a competitive market.

What advice would you give to engineering companies who are looking to hire at present?

As mentioned it’s never been more competitive in the battle for engineering talent so it’s important to adapt to this. Clients who have the greatest success in attracting the best candidates work with us to ensure they are being as attractive as possible to candidates. It’s not just about money either as some clients don’t have the budget or structure to simply increase salaries. The companies who don’t adapt are likely to struggle to attract the best talent. If a client offers a lower than average salary with no benefits (above and beyond gov requirements) then they are highly unlikely to attract the best talent. They may get “lucky” once in a while however if you want to consistently hire quality engineers then having a flexible approach is essential.

As a company how do you ensure you are matching the right talent?

We have a very thorough process which is why our reputation is growing at such a rate. Understanding the clients requirement is absolutely key. It’s not just about matching key words and sending as many CVs as possible, it’s imperative to understand every last detail about the vacancy and how the candidate will fit within the current team. You could have the best engineer in the world however if they don’t fit within the current team dynamic then it’s unlikely to provide a long-term solution.

Secondly, it’s just as important to understand what the candidate is looking for, what makes them tick? What motivates them etc. We are extremely honest people so it is imperative that we do everything possible to ensure it’s a good career move for the candidate.

Last year 65% of the candidates we sent to interview secured an offer compared to an industry average within engineering of 17%. Figures don’t lie and this is further evidence we are very good at matching the right candidates with the right clients.