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78% of the CVs we shortlist are invited to interview therefore saving you significant time.

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65% of Nolan candidates who attend interview are offered the position compared to an industry average of 17%.

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We fill our requirements 3 x quicker than the average time to hire within the UK Engineering sector.

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You won’t be bombarded with endless calls and emails.

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Let us work your role for a 7 day period exclusively and we will offer a lower fee.

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We can successfully recruit wherever you are in the UK.

Specialist energy recovery hiring expertise

Energy recovery is a key piece of the puzzle for reducing carbon emissions and meeting the net-zero targets. Energy recovery is the process of gathering heat from one source and using it to provide thermal energy elsewhere, either for immediate use or for storage in some form.
Energy recovery can be passive such as simply conserving heat to reduce heating requirements, or active, where heat is used for space heating or cooling. 

Energy recovery involves capturing otherwise wasted heat that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere. None of this would be possible without the work of talented energy recovery engineers.

Nolan Recruitment works with companies exploring energy recovery, including those planning and building energy recovery plants and those maintaining and operating them. We can help you fill the skills gaps in your organisation by connecting you with skilled and ambitious candidates.
If you’re looking to fill a single vacancy or expand with an entire team, the technical recruitment team at Nolan Recruitment can help. In addition, our recruitment process helps to increase retention rates through strict pre-interview screening.

How we help energy recovery candidates

We help candidates in niche sectors such as energy recovery find their next role in the green jobs sector. Skilled engineers for energy recovery roles are in high demand, and we can help you make the most of the opportunities available. If you’re ready for the next step in your career, get in touch with Nolan Recruitment to learn how we can help.

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